Doctor of Philosophy


Information Technology

Doctor of Philosophy Program in Information Technology

Full Title :: Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)
Abbreviated Title :: Ph.D. (Information Technology)

Course Description/Significance

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Information Technology focuses on creating academic research excellence by covering the theories and advanced practices in Information technology. Graduates should have the ability to analyze and synthesize as well as assess the problem, study and can use foreign languages to develop new knowledge and create high-level research both at the national and international levels, able to be used in practice with morality and ethics. It is expected that the program should provide benefits to the development of the country to advance futher as same as other developed countries.


career opportunities

- Researcher in information and communication technology

- Information and communication technology officer

- Network analyst and design

- IT analyst and design

- Information and communication project manager

- Software manager

- Information technology manager

- Professional in workplace that uses information and communication technology

- Researcher in establishments that use information and communication technology

- Lecturer in information and communication technology


Study Plan 1.1 (Thesis) Plan 2.1 (a master's degree graduate) Plan 2.1 (a bachelor's degree graduate)
Thesis Course 48 credits 36 credits 78 credits
Required Course - 3 Credits 3 credits
Elective Course - 9 credits 21 credits
48 credits
36 credits
48 credits

Study plan

ENL 600 Preparatory English for Graduate Students
ENL 601 English for Academic Presentations
DIT 701 Research Methodology
DIT 702 Object-Oriented Design and Programming
DIT 703 Data Communication and Computer Networks
DIT 704 Database Management Systems
DIT 705 Artificial Intelligence
DIT 709 Advanced Research Methodology
DIT 790 Qualifying Examination
DIT 711 Mathematics for Information Technology Research
DIT 712 Information Technology Governance Systems
DIT 713 Pattern Recognition
DIT 714 Selected Topics in Advanced Multimedia Systems
DIT 715 Selected Topics in Advanced E-Commerce Systems
DIT 716 Selected Topics in Information Systems
DIT 721 Signals and Systems
DIT 722 Advanced Network Security
DIT 723 Advanced Network Engineering
DIT 724 Advanced Wireless Communications
DIT 725 Selected Topics in Advanced Telecommunication Technology
DIT 731 Advanced Software Engineering
DIT 732 Concurrent Computing Systems
DIT 733 Software System Architectures
DIT 734 Advanced Operating Systems
DIT 735 Selected Topics in Advanced Database Systems

Office hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00am. to 16:00pm.

  • semester 1 August - December
  • semester 2 January - May
  • semester 3 Jun - July

Course Fees in Baht

Grand Total 

570,000 Baht