Master of Science Information Technology

Master of Science Program in Information Technology

Full Title :: Master of Science (Information Technology)
Abbreviated Title :: M.S. (Information Technology)

Course Description/Significance

Rangsit University is aware of the huge demand for human resources in Thailand, executives with knowledge and ability to innovate and fully utilize the benefits of information technology (IT) to create business products and new services to complete globally. Especially the demand in IT, in the field of IT management (ITM) in an organization, database management, technology administration, enterprise information systems, security management, network administration and software development project management, information management, IT infrastructure; and creating new innovations of today’s organization. There is a need for people with knowledge and expertise in IT. In order to continuously develop business competency, Rangsit University proposed the Master of Science Program in Information Technology to produce personnel with theoretical and practical knowledge, has a broad perspective on being an innovator, able to manage and develop innovation to support social, economic, and national development. This includes preparing for the ASEAN community in the future, to catch up with the progress of technology and able to compete with business quickly and Agile.


career opportunities

- System analyst and system design

- Database analyst and design

- Information technologist

- Information systems security manager

- Network analyst and design

- Software development project manager

- Information technology entrepreneur

- Information technology researcher

- Lecturers in educational institutions


Study Plan A and A2 (Coursework and Thesis)
Plan B (by Coursework)
Foundation Course              
non-credits non-credits
Required Course 18 Credits 18 Credits
Elective Course 6 credits 12 credits
Thesis Course 12 credits -
Independent Studies Course - 6 credits
36 credits
36 credits

Study plan

MIT 520 Computer and Programming Languages
MIT 530 Database Systems
ENL 500 English for Graduate Studies
MIT 611 Object-Oriented Programming and Design
MIT 612 Advanced Computer Networks
MIT 613 Data Engineering and Data Management Systems
MIT 614 Data Science and Machine Learning
MIT 615 Seminar in Information Technology Research
MIT 620 Business Intelligence Systems
MIT 621 Data Mining
MIT 623 Big Data Managing, Storing and Analytics
MIT 631 Cloud Computing
MIT 632 Mobile Computing
MIT 633 Internet of Things
MIT 634 Mobile Robotics
MIT 641 Digital Commerce Systems
MIT 642 Computer Network Security Management
MIT 643 Advanced Network Security
MIT 651 Software Engineering
MIT 652 Mobile Application Development
MIT 661 Artificial Intelligence and its Application in Data Science
MIT 662 Knowledge Discovery Systems
MIT 671 Legal and Ethical Aspects in Information Technology
MIT 672 Entrepreneurship and Emerging Trends in Information Technology
MIT 680 Special Topics in Information Technology
MIT 698 Independent Studies
MIT 699 Thesis

Office hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00am. to 16:00pm.

  • semester 1 August - December
  • semester 2 January - May
  • semester 3 Jun - July

Course Fees in Baht


3,200 Baht/credit, Academic Service Fee 10,000 Baht/Semeter

Grand Total 

174,000 Baht