|| Message of The Dean

Welcome to the 21st century. We are all experienced the major changes during the last decade and these changes will continue. Disasters, Economic downturns, Global warming are some examples of these changes. Our new generation (the GEN Z) will have to adapt themselves in many extents. The old school of teaching and learning process will be obsoleted. The current teaching methods may not be suitable when comparing with the more convenient knowledge obtained from the Internet-based. This is because it is a faster solution than asking the real teachers. From now on, perhaps within 10 years, many jobs will be disappeared. They will be replaced by robots, machines or artificial substances. Cars will be powered by ordinary water. Knowledge is a only tool to will bring anyone to survive from these critical situations. The knowledge that the machine cannot synthesize. The thoughtful and creative jobs will remain. That means, the people who crave for knowledge, learning and developing themselves will be spared.

Hence, the re-designed education process will interleave with modern dates. Student projects will be emphasized to be Start-up Technology. All students can be entrepreneur and be able to build their own high technology enterprise. ICT will be the key mechanism for the country to survive this critical situation.


In this Online Social Network ages, the College of Information and Communication Technology realized about the important of modern technologies which directly involves with the development of people’s quality of life in many aspects. More extents, technologies also involve with the competitiveness of Thailand economy as to the rest of the world. Presently, business enterprises in every industry has considered Information Technology as their fundamental factor for planning their strategy, and maximizing their operation for effectively and efficiently. Therefore, there are increasing needs for Information Technology workforces and innovations in many extents.


The College of Information and Communication Technology has a resolution to create graduates with ethical, intellectual, knowledgeable, analytical skills for research and development of innovation in Information Technology. Graduates are equipped with internalization readiness by the modern curriculums that emphasized on the integration with real industrial requirements and practical hands-on by modern facilities. Graduates from College of ICT will be world-class leadership in research innovation and development in IT that could be incorporated with both government and private enterprises. This preparation is necessary for the development of national human resources in Information Technology to be ready for the new society of ASEAN Community.

The College of Information and Communication Technology, Rangsit University has been providing programs in bachelor's, master's and doctorate degree levels. All programs are related to Information Technology and developed for students and experienced workforces from various background. To address the society requirements, the College of ICT has offered the following programs.


B.Sc. in Computer Science
B.Sc. in Information Technology
B.Tech. in Computer Game Multimedia
B.Sc. in Investment Informatics
B.Sc. in Enterprise Information Systems
B.Tech. in Creative Media Technology
B.Sc. in Medical Informatics
B.Sc. in Information and Communication


M.S. in Information Technology
M.S. in Information Technology Management
M.S. in Information Technology Management (Online Program)
M.I.S. in Social Media Technology
M.S. in Cyber security Management


Ph.D. in Information Technology

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