Department of Enterprise Information Systems

Department of Enterprise Information Systems

Bachelor of Science Program in Enterprise Information Systems

Department of Enterprise Information Systems

General Information

Degree: Bachelor of Science Enterprise Information Systems
               : B.Sc. (Enterprise Information Systems)

Duration 4 Years

Credit Requirements - 133 credits


This degree concentrates on enterprise information systems which combine technological knowledge, business fundamentals, and management competencies. Students are equipped with a combination of skills in IT and business to solve problems businesses face and create new opportunities by using a technological solutions. The course provides students with a strong foundation in developing enterprise-wide and multi-enterprise information systems.  The course is endorsed by SAP University Alliances.

Course Structure

General Education Courses

Humanities and Social Sciences Group 9 credits
Sciences and Mathematics Group 3 credits
Language Group 15 credits
Interdisciplinary and Physical Education Group 3 credits

Area Courses Requirement 97 credits


Foundation Courses

21 credits

Core Courses Requirements

61 credits

Major Required Course

15 credits
Free Elective Course 6 credits

Course Plan

First Year
FIRST SEMESTER Credit (Lecture-Lab)
EIS 151 Fundamental of Computing I 3(2-3-4)
ITE 111 Introduction to Information Systems 3(2-2-5)
MAT 143 Mathematics for Business and Economics 3(3-0-6)
ENL xxx Languages 3(3-0-6)
THA xxx Thai Language 3(2-2-5)
xxx xxx Science and Mathematics 3(3-0-6)
EIS 152 Fundamental of Computing II 3(2-3-4)
ITE 112 Business Process for Information Systems 3(3-0-6)
HRM 100 Human Resource Management Information Systems 3(3-0-6)
ENL xxx Languages 3(2-3-6)
XXX xxx Interdisciplinary and Physical Education 1(0-2-1)
XXX xxx Humanities and Social Sciences 3(3-0-6)
Second Year

FIRST SEMESTER Credit (Lecture-Lab)
EIS 153 Programming for Enterprise I 3(2-3-4)
EIS 251 Financial Planning and Control 3(3-0-6)
FIN 100 Financial Management Information Systems 3(3-0-6)
LGM 100 Logistics and Supply Chain Information Systems 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx Humanities and Social Sciences 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx Languages 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx Humanities and Social Sciences 3(3-0-6)
EIS 154 Programming for Enterprise II 3(2-2-5)
EIS 431 Computer Network Systems 3(3-0-6)
EIS 432 Enterprise Database System 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx Free Electives (1) 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx Languages 3(3-0-6)
RSU 101 Dharmacracy 3(3-0-6)
Third Year

FIRST SEMESTER Credit (Lecture-Lab)
EIS 205 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 3(3-0-6)
EIS 365 Materials Management 3(3-0-6)
CSC 487 Laws and Ethics in Information Technology 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx EIS Electives (1) 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx EIS Electives (2) 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx EIS Electives (3) 3(3-0-6)
EIS 206 Production Planning and Sales and Distribution 3(3-0-6)
EIS 364 Human Capital Management 3(3-0-6)
EIS 420 Enterprise Systems Development 3(3-0-6)
EIS 434 System Security 3(3-0-6)
ITE 474 System Security 3(3-0-6)
XXX xxx EIS Electives (4) 3(3-0-6)
Fourth Year

FIRST SEMESTER Credit (Lecture-Lab)
EIS 411 Data Warehouse 3(3-0-6)
EIS 421 Enterprise Systems Configuration and Implementation 3(3-0-6)
EIS 435 Research in Enterprise Information Systems 3(3-0-6)
EIS 491 Enterprise Information Systems I 1(0-3-2)
ITE 475 Business Intelligence 3(3-0-6)
EIS 492 Enterprise Information Systems II 3(0-9-6)
 xxx____  EIS Elective (5)  3(3-0-6)
xxx____ Free Elective (2) 3(3-0-6)

Career opportunities

Enterprise Information Systems Program is offered in a variety of subjects, including fundamentals of business processes in the structure of technology related to the structure and details of various modules of the ERP system, the maintenance cycle, the ERP system maintenance, customer solutions, communication and project management.

Key Features

  1. The first enterprise resource planning course in Thailand

Career Opportunities

  1. Enterprise resource management systems developer
  2. Support specialist in Enterprise Resource management Information System​​
  3. Customer Relationship Officer (Offering solutions to customers)